Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Thanksgiving is shortly approaching and many of us are just as excited about the Turkey Day leftovers than the Thanksgiving meal itself!  You work so hard for days before Thanksgiving, why waste all of the food that goes uneaten?  There are many creative ways to incorporate leftovers into everyday meals.  Dishes like turkey pot pie, turkey and broccoli quiche, turkey and stuffing casserole, and baked turkey sandwiches.  In fact, turkey can actually replace chicken in many recipes.

The turkey’s carcass is usually forgotten about and disposed, but you can actually use it as an ingredient in may recipes.  Browning turkey bones makes an exceptionally delicious broth that can be used to cooking rice casseroles, sauces and soups.  Creamy turkey and wild rice soup is a holiday favorite, that calls for turkey broth.

With the Thanksgiving holiday comes great deals on holiday appropriate food, so why not buy a little extra if you have the freezer space?  Aside from specific recipes, these holiday leftovers can simply be heated up and eaten as is for many days after.  To ensure the leftovers stay as fresh as possible, it is important to properly wrap them in aluminum foil or Saran wrap before placing them in the freezer to preserve them.

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