Why would an organization hire a Flavor Taste Consultant and what is the process?

The answer to this question may appear to be obvious, however, the process of designing & building recipes, and creating menus and presentations is an in depth and strategic process.  Many individuals can execute tested recipes successfully, however, designing and building recipes is in itself an art form.  In regards to “re working” recipes that may contain layers of history or success, but now seem “tired” or “outdated” requires an experienced trained palette and a great understanding of the dining publics flavor desires.
Chef Jamie brings over 35 years of professional culinary experience to Flavor Taste Consulting.  In addition to operating his own successful establishments he has had the opportunity to travel extensively and experience flavors around the globe. His formal education in Europe combined with his own personal love of food have been the perfect ingredients for his success and exceeding guests flavor expectations.
So how do we begin to revamp a restaurant menu?   The short answer is methodically.  We definitely do not “Bite off more than we can chew”.
Ideally, after tasting through your entire menu utilizing our “Flavor Map” we analyze your current ingredient inventories, access to new ingredients and ensure that the quality of ingredients being purchased is in line with one’s goals.
We then pinpoint 3-5 current menu items to revamp.  We like to “tweak” these recipes, not changing the core  ingredients.  We then blind taste the original recipes against the new recipes with the management and culinary teams.  Ideally, we do not create a lot of “noise” with the FOH staff regarding these recipe tweaks, changes & updates.  Ideally when the “new” recipes roll out, it is our hope that we can gently request  and receive feedback from the dining public.
Comments such as “I’ve been eating this same salad at this restaurant for years and it’s always  been good, however, tonight their was something a little different about it, and it was Amazing!!!”…..this statement is the goal for our team.  Our ultimate goal however, is to make YOUR recipes and presentations the absolute BEST that they can be!