Keep Learning, Keep Growing!

Keep Learning, Keep Growing!

I am excited to share with you that I recently completed my Level I Court of Master Sommelier certification.
The first of 4 levels, and the beginning of an exciting and educational journey for myself and all that decide to study this challenging field.master-sommelier-logo

The Court of Master Sommeliers
“Som-el-yay” is recognized worldwide as the premiere educational and certifying authority, and education remains the Court’s charter. The first successful Master Sommelier examination was held in the United Kingdom in 1969.

In 1984 a gentlemen by the name of Fred Dame was the first American to pass all three parts of the Master level on his first attempt. After that amazing accomplishment Mr. Dame spearheaded the task of bringing the Court to the United States.

Currently there are only 211
Master Somms in the world. It is the ultimate professional credential for those in the service of wine, spirits and other alcoholic beverages.

Over the next few years I will continue to post updates on my progression, interesting wines that I am tasting, and of course wine travel.



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