Table Manners……Five Pointers for World Eaters



In France your wine glass will continue to be refilled on most occasions.  So if during the course of your meal you have reached your limit, leave your glass or glasses full.

While traveling in Brazil, dress to impress!  Arriving to a special event or dinner in style is always admired.

Although this should be a common practice world wide, making eye contact with every person you clink glasses with during a toast is an absolute must in Austria.

“Eat While it’s Hot”, stands true for only pasta courses in Italy.  In other
words, as soon as your pasta is served to you, you may begin to indulge.  However, you must wait for everyone to be served before digging in on all other courses.

Keep your hands to yourself!  In France it is expected that while dining you keep both hands visible.  Otherwise guests may assume that you are being touchy feely with your dining companions.