10 Tips to Turn you into "The Host with the Most!"


Notify all invitees by phone, email or US mail at least 10 days prior to your celebration.  Request that they respond with “regrets only”.

Invite an array of friends and family to ensure that many conversations will be struck  and possible new friendships made.  Introduce those who do not know one another and point out anything they may have in common.

Greet your guests at the door as they arrive, offer them a beverage and or show them where the bar is.  I always have Champagne on the bar for my guests to begin there evening with if they choose.  Nothing says “Celebration” like bubbles.  I always have a few bottles of Schramsberg on hand just in case we have a “Pop Up” party.

Pre select a great playlist for the evening.  If using Pandora I suggest
Hotel Costes Radio

Be sure to have snacks out when guests arrive.  I love to offer pistachios,
a really great cheese…possibly something made locally along with an interesting salumi or two

If possible keep the bar and food stations in separate areas, this forces your guests to move around and mingle.

Keep um moving!  Unless you are serving a formal sit down dinner do not provide a seat for every guest.  When people sit they stop mingling and only chat with the person sitting next to them.

Prepare menu items that are easy to eat and do not require a knife.  Also, have a 80/20 mix of cold food to hot food.  This keeps you from a lot of last minute cooking when you should be mingling with your guests

Right before you open any food stations or serve dinner, and the majority of your guests have arrived I suggest stepping out of your comfort zone and
“Toasting your guests”.  One of my favorites goes like this…….
“There are tall ships and small ships and the ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships and long may they be!”

Of course the best tip I can share is:  Hire Cuisiniers and let us handle all the details.  Joking aside, it’s great fun to entertain, and anyone can do it well!
Organize yourself and follow these tips…..You’ll soon be hooked and so will your guests.  Entertain Deliciously!