Super Bowl! Super Food!

superbowlAs the Super Bowl is the biggest event in a professional football fan’s year, imagine MY culinary delight to discover 2 of my favorite cities (and of course their teams) battling out Super Bowl XLVII.

There are of course two Super Bowl staples everyone universally loves, wings and beer.  Few foods in the American culinary repertoire so fully embody an event as much as these tangy, spicy, buttery or fried appetizers dressed with their much loved dipping sauces.  Because most recipes can be easily adjusted for crowd size and more importantly simple enough to eat without the food distracting from even just one second of the game, wings will score a touchdown with the football watching guests in your home.

Beer is the ultimate social lubricant and a beverage that is meant to be fun, enjoyed and celebrated.  There’s plenty of beer to be had so drink for flavor.  My suggestion in your quest for the perfect beer, look to the cities that have given us the top teams, Baltimore and San Francisco.  Hopefully you will enjoy your brewage choices, the real celebrity of Super Bowl commercials.

That said, whether you are heavily invested or not for this sporting event you may as well put your game face on and enjoy one of my favorite recipes to keep you company.  Maryland Crab Cakes!

Ravens-vs-Niners, bring on the fun.