Summer Cocktail Secrets and Favorites

It is now officially hot pretty much everywhere in the United States.  So no matter if you are stuck in town, or you are able to sneak away to the beach for the weekends it’s time to show off your summer bar tending skills to your friends!!  The following mixology ideas are a couple game changers that will make you a hero in the eyes of your guests.

St Germain!  I have chatted about it before, and i am telling you again, it is a must have on your bar.  A French liqueur,  made from 100% fresh handpicked elderflowers, it’s pear, citrus and tropical notes add the perfect pizazz to your cocktails.

You know how you have that one friend that refuses to drink anything except Vodka and Soda.  Well surprise them and add a shot of St Germain into that tired and and true cocktail along with an orange twist and a squeeze of a fresh lemon and they will be singing your creative praises!

And for that buddy that refuses to sit down his Bud light Lime………. Again, add a splash of St Germain into that beer, over ice of course!

You say Bellini, I say Bellini!!  Can you say it with the addition of Rhubarb in place of the traditional peaches?  Here you go, Sparkling wine, rhubarb purée, St. Germain, and a lemon twist. Think Nuevo Italiano!

Last summer I was enjoying Bloody Mary’s one beautiful Sunday morning and could not figure out why they were tastier than usual.  I asked my bartender friend and he said that he added a splash of Stout beer to the mix.  I highly recommend this trick, and don’t forget the horseradish!

And speaking of Stout, I could not believe it until I tried, however, Dark Rum on the rocks, a splash of stout, simple syrup and club soda.  It’s good, and your rum drinking friends will agree!

So let’s recap your shopping list:

St Germain
Dark Rum
Sparkling Wine, Schramsberg Vineyards
Rose,  Check out Brugioni Vineyards Belle Glos Pinot Noir Blanc
Gruner Veltliner
Simple Syrup
Orange Twists
Lemon Twists
Club Soda