2012…….Predictions and Wishes

As I peck away at my iPad and think about this past year and the fact that 2012 is now upon us,  is it cliche to ask where did the year go?  2011 showered us with new and exciting food trends, culinary events, and a continued increased awareness of what Central Florida farmers, fisherman, ranchers and gardeners are producing and continue to produce for our kitchens.

Last January 1st I commented that in 2011 pork would remain at the top of everyone’s recipe card as the most popular ingredient on restaurant menus and at home.  Research showed that burgers would  still reign as the go to sandwich,  but to watch out as haute sandwiches begin to steal the spotlight.  Farm to table restaurants were still all the buzz in 2011 and truly support the Slow Food Movement.  The Meatball craze came and went but thankfully Charcuterie Menus would be  here to stay.  While at your favorite watering hole I predicted that we should look for new interpretations of the Slow Gin Fizz, The Sidecar,  and local artisan creations of vodka and bourbon.

Those were just a tippy taste of the food trends that came and went in 2011, and you can be sure that with the economy improving there will be even more in 2012.  The word on the street is that folks have had there fill of “comfort food” menus.  Hopefully at some point you have over indulged on Macaroni & Cheese, Meatloaf type dishes, and cupcakes!   I predicted in 2009 that Goat Meat would gain momentum, I was a bit premature, however, I do believe that the almighty goat will prevail 2012!   Cupcakes are over, and I was so hoping that Macaroons would be the new dessert snack of choice, and they still may.  But now watch out for a favorite from Brittany, France….Caneles.   The French have always taken it over the top with there sweets, wait till you try these!  Look for the revival of the pressure cooker in 2012, although I am unsure if it actually ever went away?  I will be posting some incredible pressure cooker recipes over the next few months.  Small plates and tasting bars will continue to gain popularity, which brings me to the exciting announcement of BarjMe’s 1st Anniversary.  Look for more doughnuts on restaurant dessert menus, Cuisiniers version of the Hungarian Palacsinta is a cross between a crepe and a doughnut and I must say amazing!  I have to admit I did not experiment with to many Slow Gin Fizz’s, artisan bourbon’s  or Sidecar’s in 2011, unless of course you are speaking of the Sidecar bar in Park City, Utah.  My bartender buddies tell me however, to keep an open mind to the reinvention of the Old Fashion this year,  along with a variety of house made bitters to jazz up your cocktails.   Look for a Feb.-March opening in downtown Orlando of a true Mixoligists Cocktail Bar-it’s going to be very hip and cool.  These artisan inspired cocktail lounges have been popping up all over the country for the past five years, finally Orlando will have one of there own.  I will blast you all when my friends get back with me on the confirmed opening date.  A wish that I have had for a while is that more chefs begin serving more interpretations of fresh sardines….we’ll see if that wish comes true this year.

Most importantly on this first day of 2012, I would like to say Thank You to all of you!!  Without you, myself and my team would not be blessed with having one of the best jobs ever!!  Cooking allows are creative juices to flow, entertaining allows us the opportunity to come into your homes and offices and spoil you for an evening.  So on behalf of the entire Cuisiniers Team THANK YOU ALL!  Wishing you and your families a blessed 2012 filled with delicious food and lots of laughter.   And remember…..Entertain Deliciously!