Thanks to All Who Joined Us For Our Recent Adria Dinner!

Here are a few shots of some of the dishes and a full menu of what was served.  Enjoy!”

Adria Dinner

Hors d’oeuvres Wine / Kila, Cava, 2009

Duck empanada canape – kimchee pesto, chickpeas, blackbeans, creme fraiche, cilantro chip

Patatas bravas – potato puree fried, romesco

Paella skewers – fried rice ball, smoked mussel, rock shrimp, dill & saffron aioli

Oysters ginger beer – ginger vinegar mignonette, ginger gelee, orange foam

East Courses  Wine / Castelo Do Papa, 2010 / 100% Godello

1.    Paella #2 – Stuffed Squid (shrimp, marinated cuttle fish, bamboo rice, pepperdews) smoked tomato sofrito, grilled white asparagus & marconas

2.    Ceviche – popcorn gelato, scallop crudo, shaved asparagus, jicama, citrus vinaigrette aire

3.    Kim chee sorbet – Sorbet, mizzuna greens, salmon chicharron, white fish tuile, sesame vinaigrette

4.    Grilled octopus salad – Fried kale leaf, preserved lemon, fried capers, jicama, feta, diced purple papas, olives, lemon vin

5.    Mar y Montanya – Braised beef tongue on turnip greens, fried shrimp heads with tamale, walnut crostini

6.    Oysters Champagne – champagne grapes carbonized, grape must & banyuls vinaigrette, smoked cup aromatic

7.    Tomato bread – crumpet cubes, tomato seed “caviar”, frozen olive oil pearls

8.    Bacalao Baklava –  cod, walnut & pecan, phyllo crisp, lemon carmel, balsamic

9.    Lemon & Almond – Lemon anise sorbet, candied marcona almond sponge, candy lemon

South Courses Wine / Prado Rey, 2010 / Rose, 50% Tinto Fino 50% Merlot

1.    Escabeche – Skin on black grouper, ragout of red pepper, onion, garlic, white asparagus, caper berries, chive oil

2.    Rye on Ham – Serrano chip, rye aire, gruyere crisp, sherry cotton candy

3.    Garlic & Gazpacho – garlic & gazpacho soup, pickled grapes & sliced almonds

4.    Fig empanada – fig compote, chestnut puree, caramel leche, root beer foam, roasted fig

Central Courses Wine / Espelt, 2009 / 100% Garnacha

1.    Succotash – Sweet corn gelee, dehydrated carrot dust, fava bean puree, lemon-thyme aire, pine nuts

2.    Osso bucco Kalbi – korean braised & charred, green apple & fennel kim chee

3.    “Spaghetti & Meatballs” – carrot noodles, pickled beet spheres, micro arugula, shaved chevre

4.    Steak & Eggs – fried brisket strands, fried quail egg, brussels sprout, bacon aioli

5.    Churros – aerated chocolate with foie gras dust, bacon marmalade, cinnamon churro buttons, spiced chocolate sauce, cinnamon stick aromatic

North Courses Wine / La Cartuja, 2009 / Priorat, 50% Garnacha, 30% Mazuelo, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Syrah

1.    Cabrales tart – Blue cheese tart,  snails, pickled tomato and parsley salad

2.    Tomago & chorizo torta – calcot wrapped tomago, fried egg foam, marinated mushroom, chorizo ragout, micro greens

3.    Sidra & Pork – pork belly, hard cider, apple glace, salsify, parsnip puree

4.    Frito Misto – Fried potato ring, mixed fried seafood, lemon, Malt vinegar aire, maigolds

5.    Bacalao noodle soup – tasso clam & tomato broth, turnip greens, clams, bacalon noodles

6.    Carrot cake – Nitrogen dusted carrot cake, cream cheese semifredo & walnut anglaise

See picture gallery below.