Season to Recuperate!

Twas the season to celebrate and now is the season to recuperate!

Unfortunately, the cold and flu season has descended upon us and I am a fallen victim.  Not to over dramatize the situation but as a chef it is truly unbearable.  We rely so heavily on our senses of taste and smell and when they are compromised by a cold naturally it adds to our discomfort.  So, what’s a chef to do?  Well, I am taking a couple of days off – well deserved I might add, drinking water by the gallons and relying on a homemade remedy.  Bring on the chicken soup!  I must admit it has never been a favorite of mine.  Of course there is the fact that science has never nailed down its exact medicinal value although it has been proven to reduce inflammations helping to clear airways making breathing easier.  That said, I might also add it’s very high in protein, easily digestible and the warm stock helps ward off the chills.  Most of all there is just something to be said for its comforting affect something I could use right now.  So, here’s my recipe, tried and true, hugely healthy in hopes of a speedy recovery!