College Food

Having a nephew and niece both in college right now, I was reminiscing about college food.  Obviously, having graduated from Baltimore’s International Culinary College my memories of college food assuredly differ from most of yours.  As with most things, our memories do tend to improve with age but I’ll assume your food was not a gourmet catered affair.  My favorites, Chef Instructor Nancy Longo’s Smoked Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes and Chocolate Ganache Cake!  So, what are college students across the country noshing? Sushi for starters, organic inspired plates from locally sourced fare, lobster bakes, handmade Belgian truffles, just a few nibbles to consider. Anything sound familiar? What college student would miss “Mystery Meat”?  Am thrilled to discover that healthy initiatives are being implemented  and that food and customer service are part of the curriculum.  That said, what is your fondest culinary dining option from your alma matre? Facebook me with your responses, I would love to hear from you!