Super Bowl 2010!!!

Believe it or not, another football season is nearing its end.  The Super Bowl is around the corner it’s a good idea to start planning your party for the big game!  Most will agree that the highlight of a Super Bowl party (aside from the game itself) is the food.  You may decide to have snacks or an entire meal – either way, preparation is a must.

Most knowledgeable party hosts recommend sticking to “easy-to-prepare” finger-foods that are simple to eat and reduce on messy spills associated with things like chili.  Super Bowl favorites include appetizers like shrimp cocktail, potato skins, meatballs, and chips with dip.  Remember, though, easy doesn’t have to mean boring.  Get creative, prepare a seven layer dip or guacamole instead of the traditional store-bought dip.

Along with appetizer snacks, no Super Bowl party is complete without chicken wings.  It’s probably best to prepare both spicy and non-spicy wings to satisfy everyone’s individual taste.  In addition, try to get smaller wing cuts so they are a little less messy.  Wings can be thrown on the grill to cook, then placed in the oven to keep them warm for several hours.

Finally, make it fun!  If your favorite team is in the Super Bowl, you may want to have a cake made with their logo on it, or buy printed napkins and plastic plates.

Check out our recipes section for some great finger foods and appetizers with simple instructions!

Check out my Super Bowl Menu if you are interested in having your Super Bowl Party catered.