Jamie McFadden’s Book of the Month

A few weeks back I was honored to be invited to 2 premiers of the fantastic movie, Julie & Julia.  As many of you know by now it is a wonderful movie, with two storylines that are not only entertaining, but a history lesson as well.  At the 2nd premier I attended, I invited my good friend Olen Earnest-a true foodie.  After the movie he inquired if I was familiar with the book, Backstage with Julia?  He had just finished it (loved it) and passed it on to me.  Backstage is a must read for those of you who walked out of the movie theater wanting more.  “Backstage”  picks up Julia Child’s career in 1980.  The books author, dear friend and executive chef of Julia Child, Nancy Verde Barr, gives us all of those behind the scenes secrets, laughs, hits and flops that helped endear so many of us to Julia. The Good Morning America stories and the many foodie trips, along with many photos brings to life one of our all time favorite chefs.

Pick yourself up a copy today, pour yourself a glass of wine, and curl up with this delicious read.