March Madness!

MARCH MADNESS!  Let the games begin.  I started the month of March storming the floor with a calendar filled.  No complaints you understand.  Now, before I need to retreat back into the madness we lovingly refer to as catering, a quick peak at our March schedule.

LAS VEGAS!  The annual Cater Source Convention.  3 members of my culinary team and I attended and were wowed with creative new concepts and enlightened to new resources we will be tapping into so that we may continue striving to guarantee our success.

BARJME!  At last one of my culinary dreams have come to fruition with the opening of our hot new tasting bar.  It is a personal, interactive dinner experience for true epicureans that will take your palate on a multi-course culinary tour of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

CUISINIERS!  So happy to be participating in the COOK Gala for HRC “ Human Rights Campaign.”   The icing on the cake – hosting Bravo’s 1st season pastry “Top Chef “ winner – Yigit Pura.  He is currently the Executive Pastry Chef at Taste Catering & Event Planning, San Francisco.

And as the March clock counts down, I realize how it is a little bit mad how chaotic our lives seem at times, but, the madness is all part of the game – and part of the name.

APRIL!  Bring it on!