National Popcorn Month!

October is National Popcorn popping month! Americans will consume 16 billion quarts of the munchable maize this year.  Mostly grown in the Midwest, popcorn is a whole grain that provides carbohydrates and fiber to the diet and is naturally low in fat and calories.  It is quite simply an ideal snack that satisfies but does not spoil your appetite.

So, a month long celebration gives you plenty of time to try new recipes.  You choose – sweet, savory or salty. Chef Jamie has your perfect popcorn popping tips and this recipe:

  • Warm a heavy pan or skillet with lid.  Add ¼ cup of vegetable oil to the pan, just enough to cover the bottom.
  • Drop in two or three kernels and cover.  When the kernels pop add the remaining popcorn.  Pour just enough kernels to cover the bottom of the pan.  Again cover with the lid.
  • Shake the pan while the kernels heat and pop.  Occasionally lift the lid slightly to allow steam to escape.  When you hear the last few pops remove the pan from the heat and enjoy.

Let’s grab a handful of these kernels of goodness and start celebrating the month!